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Built with Indexhibit

A full scale prototype for an autonomous self erasing drawing machine, constructed as the final project in my Mres in Digital Media at CultureLab, Newcastle.

Birch ply, ash, oak, steel, drawing table, blackboard paint, chalk, felt, transmission belts, pulleys, stepper motors, stepper drivers, power supply, solenoid, custom spring, breadboard, Arduino, steel cable gland, switch, cabling, screws and glue, 1100x1000x1300mm.

With thanks to
Tim Knapen
Joey Scully
Robert E. Taylor
Jamie Allen
Kyle McDonald
Tom Schofield
John Evans
Logotech Display Solutions

Video by Ben Jeans Houghton
Diagram photo by Wig Worland copyright 2015.
All other images copyright Peter J. Evans 2010.