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Broken telephone
is an artwork produced as part of the exhibition Across islands, divides which occurred in the winter of 2015 at Baltic39.
Conceived as a game (taking its inspiration from the playful linguistic version) between four participants - Laura Cannell, Rhodri Davies Mark Fell and myself - the contributors made an original piece of music which travelled round the other ‘players’, one after the other, who each attempted to recreate from memory what they had heard after just one listen.
The sixteen resultant tracks are contained on four 12” vinyls, each record documenting the journey of the composition as it moves through each of the players. The evolving compositions reveal what gets lost in translation, what distance brings and how one thing interacts with another through a series of complex processes. They illustrate how one thing, through movement and time always becomes something else.
The work can be streamed and purchased from here, either physically or digitally - -
All tracks were mastered by
Simon Davey (The Exchange) and pressed by Optimal in Germany on 180g vinyl, thanks to Chris Marlow at Well Tempered. The sleeves were all hand printed and debossed by master printer Lee Turner at Hole Editions on recycled board from Paperback.

The set also features a text on the piece by writer Iris Aspinal Priest.

Diagram photo by Wig Worland copyright 2015.
All other images copyright Peter J. Evans 2016.