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Over the course of geological time seemingly solid objects become fluid forms - mountains into grains of sand - and what appeared as certainty becomes malleable. There is a story unfolding within all things, what the writer Russell Hoban describes as “The moment under the moment” and it’s an attempt to understand this ungraspable reality that underlies my artistic practice.

I attempt not to make art that describes a situation but to make art that in someway is that interaction. The most successful works become the idea, rather than being a representation of it. To this extent the practice has always moved between different mediums, using whatever form best fits the concern of the work. The backbone of this oeuvre, such as it is, is a way of investigating existence and what I would describe as a certain fascination with my own understanding of aesthetical beauty.

The works function as lexicons, a way into to these being provided by the titles and with subtle layers for the both myself and a viewer to weave into or unravel slowly. The production time is often long and meditative as with the “Universe and You” series and this leads to works which take time to experience and explore. The largest part of the current practice are drawings on graph paper, a particular and meticulous way of trying to map the world in the widest sense, seen as a series of interconnecting elements and hermeneutically presented in diagrammatic form. They attempt to mark out and describe the interactions between things, a line traveling on the paper being able to represent the path of a carbon molecule or someone’s heart as they fall in love - both have a story, a path, a line they’ve travelled. These pathlines become both abstract and representational as they cartographically describe an idea and continue to exert an influence on the material and the image, even as they are hidden by other layers of graphite on top of them.

The interest in what lies beneath the everyday surface of things, the patterns in the chaos and the small moments that shift one’s whole being continue to pull on the hand and the mind. The practice keeps shifting and flowing along with everything else as decay and renewal endlessly progress as the seconds tick past. Making work is just another way of trying to make sense of what all this might be about.