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SAS is a collaboration between myself and Adam E Mendelsohn formed during our shared time at Dartington College of Arts in the late 90's. The following was how we described the collaboration at that time.

SAS are builders and gardeners. We were born late last year, late at night; we’re always late and having trouble deciding whose safe and who’s sorry. The collaboration came about because we found that we were both affected and disturbed by the same details of a shared experience. Together, we spent some time cutting away the unnecessary elements, discovering white polyester hipsters as the prominent feature for discussion and as the component that most defined the experience as a rich source for interpretation. The man wearing the hipsters was breaking up the party, but it was through discovering this defining component that we formed the hermeneutic partnership, (is this basically friendship, people who see things in the same way ?) that we’re calling SAS.
We’re trying to isolate the hidden components, trying to find out what happened, just like everyone else.
Details, details, details.

SAS are interested in presenting an airport of ideas, with each piece functioning as a gate within a specific terminal. We hope to offer points of departure towards new areas. In this way, our practice is not prescriptive, there are innumerable destinations and uncountable routes to get there, ours is to offer these ideas as the flickerboard in the air conditioned departures hall.